Entry #1

First steps on newgrounds

2009-08-25 08:04:24 by Dayu

Hello newgrounds! Or Newgrounders??
Not sure how I should call the community here.

Anyway, I wanted to say hello to you all.
I'm new to Adobe Flash, but at the moment it works fine to me.
Still having trouble with understanding the different settings, but with a few more tutorials I hope it works someday. I'm not sure if Flash is the right program to doing animations, though.
What about 'Toon Boom'?
I've seen gorgeous animations as example "The she is" from Zambakza and they work with Flash.
But I'm not sure if I'd EVER get as good as them in Flash.

So maybe I should try my hands at another program or just leave it.
What do you think?

Should I go on with practicing or leave it?


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2009-08-25 09:27:18

your much better then other people alot of other people

Dayu responds:

thank you =)
It's maybe because my art is... better?
I just have to develop my skills.


2009-08-25 13:03:57

I think you have a good future in animation. Your art stands out the most, and believe it or not, if it isn't a pairody or something funny, that's the real core of if people will watch it or not. I think flash looks better then 'Toon Boom' to be honnest. If you see the 'New Grounds' pros then art and how you make things look is extreamly important!!! Anyway I wish you luck and I will be looking at your future animations.


2009-08-25 18:15:06

Your animation is very good, Newgrounds needs more underdogs like you, continue. Also, are you going to make an actual series out of Pheonix Ash? It's a great intro.


2009-08-26 06:30:32

you are great unlike other new people.. i have Adobe Flash... i have had it for ages and i cant make anything good.. so well done... keep going with Adobe Flash. and i wouldnt say your a newbie, infact youre awesome!!


2009-08-26 10:51:17

carry on!your first won a fucking trophie!

and believe me,you have to be really good to get a trophie for your first Flash.


2009-08-26 17:34:23

You know, what? It's not very common for an anime artist to start their own series on Newgrounds. I'd like to see your potential. The opening looked impressive although it could use a little bit of a make over, and I love your art style. I'd say keep practicing. BTW, u might need a better mic. I can suggest you should hire Rina-Chan for the girls voice. She's got some real talent as a voice actress! Give it a shot!

Dayu responds:

it's not common? I did anime art many many years and now I want to start a series with it. The story I have in my mind is nice and people may like it =)
So, why not doing a series?

I just need to improve my animation skills, so the animation is not stiff anymore and everything looks fine.
We will see...

Rina-Chan? Ok, thanks I'll keep it in mind.


2009-08-26 18:27:16

or....however to write that....
you have an amazing works!
(PLIIIIIZ PM me ....i want to start doing 2 but i dont know the name of the software

Dayu responds:

thank you, I wil continue!

the name of the animation program?
It is Adobe FLash CS3 I use.