Entry #2

Thanks for encouraging me!

2009-08-30 07:34:56 by Dayu

Thank you for encouraging me, guys!

I'm really lookinf forward to animate the series Phoenix Ash.
At the moment, I re do the character design(see art section), I write the story so it has a beginning and an end.
Also I try to improve my animation skills.
It needs time to become as good as other artists here, but I'll not give up.

My story and their characters got very important to me, so I decided to try my hands on animations.
Since no japanese studio wants to publish my story I have to do it by myself.
(Ok, I didn't ask any studio, but I'm sure the wont do it, hehe)

So, expect more from me in the future!



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2009-10-24 19:06:32

Of course. I'm looking forward to this as well and you have my support. If you need help with anything, I can do a bit of ameturish voice acting, or get you a decent voice actor that I know to play parts.

Good luck to you with everything and I hope to see more work from you real soon.


2009-11-03 07:34:37

You should try Viz media when you are able.
And just so you know you can count on me to wacth it.
Keep on animating please.