Thanks for encouraging me!

2009-08-30 07:34:56 by Dayu

Thank you for encouraging me, guys!

I'm really lookinf forward to animate the series Phoenix Ash.
At the moment, I re do the character design(see art section), I write the story so it has a beginning and an end.
Also I try to improve my animation skills.
It needs time to become as good as other artists here, but I'll not give up.

My story and their characters got very important to me, so I decided to try my hands on animations.
Since no japanese studio wants to publish my story I have to do it by myself.
(Ok, I didn't ask any studio, but I'm sure the wont do it, hehe)

So, expect more from me in the future!


First steps on newgrounds

2009-08-25 08:04:24 by Dayu

Hello newgrounds! Or Newgrounders??
Not sure how I should call the community here.

Anyway, I wanted to say hello to you all.
I'm new to Adobe Flash, but at the moment it works fine to me.
Still having trouble with understanding the different settings, but with a few more tutorials I hope it works someday. I'm not sure if Flash is the right program to doing animations, though.
What about 'Toon Boom'?
I've seen gorgeous animations as example "The she is" from Zambakza and they work with Flash.
But I'm not sure if I'd EVER get as good as them in Flash.

So maybe I should try my hands at another program or just leave it.
What do you think?

Should I go on with practicing or leave it?